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Seizure detection, wherever you are

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Regain control over your seizures

Caremote App Home Screen
  • Regain your independence

  • Live without fear

  • Understand your triggers

Seizure detection and alerts

  • Detect seizures

  • Alerts sent automatically

  • Bystanders informed

  • Customizable emergency call

Caremote App Seizure Alert Screen

Your digital epilepsy companion

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  • Automatic seizure log

  • Add in additional seizure details

  • False alarms tracked

Works on the Apple Watch

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Launching Fall 2022

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What our users say

"It was great to share my experience with epilepsy knowing my insights would help build a product that could help millions. I know this app will make a big difference to my life!"

Marie epilepsy patient
Hannah, 34

"I'd come across seizure detection devices before but they didn't fit into my lifestyle or offer the features I wanted. I can't wait to use Caremote's app"

Peter epilepsy patient
Peter, 27
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Ready to take back control of your seizures?

The Caremote team

Constantin Rosset


Co-Founder 🔎


Delphine Fayol-1


Head of Product 💡


Elizabeth Van Liew


Founder's Associate 🎨


Ines Iacovella


Medical Advisor 🩺


Philipp Pünjer


Co-Founder 📈
Tomasz Tajmajer


Head of Engineering 💻

Join us 📩

We're always looking for great people to join our team. Even if there aren't any open positions fitting your experience, please reach out to us and we'll see if there's a space for you on the team.